Bipolar Disorder Healthy-Smarts

Bipolar Disorder  Healthy-Smarts

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There are many different kinds of mental disorders that people may be suffering from. One of the most serious disorders that people can develop is bipolar disorder. The disorder causes people to have uncommon changes in mood, and overall energy. It also affects a person’s general ability to perform daily tasks. It is a manic-depressive ailment that can be the source of extreme problems in a person’s life. It can ruin relationships or cause a person to lose their job. If left untreated it is common for someone who is bipolar to attempt to commit suicide. The good news is that there is treatment available, and people who have it can still lead normal productive lives.

The disorder frequently advances in serious ness during a person’s later teenage year or in early years of their adulthood. However, there are still people who have their first symptoms during their childhood. The disorder isn’t very easy to recognize when it begins affecting the person. All of the symptoms frequently seem like separate issues and don’t appear to be related. As a result, there are people who will have to endure the problem for many years before they are diagnosed and treated. There is no cure for the disorder and it has to be taken care of through out the person’s entire life.

The disorder causes people to have abnormally strong and intense emotional states of mind. When these occur they are called episodes or mood episodes. If the person is feeling very unhappy and or hopeless it is called a depressive episode. If a person is having an abnormally happy or joyful episode it is called a manic episode. There are times where the two kinds of episodes will occur at the same time and give off symptoms of both episodes. When this occurs it is referred to as being in a mixed state.

The disorder causes to have a very large change in their overall energy. It can affect their sleep and their behavior as well. It isn’t uncommon for a person who is bipolar to have a short temper and get upset easily. There are people who will face the disorder’s mood swings in long lasting streaks instead of different episodes.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms of Manic Episode

Feeling abnormally happy or out going for a long period of time

Extremely quick tempered and feeling on edge

Having thoughts that are difficult to follow and jump from one to another in rapid succession.

Acting on impulses or acting without thinking

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms of Depressive Episode

Feeling unhappy or hopeless for a long period of time

Less interest in any activities that the person previously enjoyed

Experience difficulty when trying to remember something or concentrating

At the moment, there is no definitive cure for bipolar disorder. There are treatment options that help most people control their mood swings and any other symptoms of the disorder. This is true even in the most severe cases. Since the disorder recurs throughout the person’s entire life, people need to continue treatment over a long period of time. This is to ensure that there is no relapse and allows the patient to keep control of their symptoms.

When the disorder is diagnosed the medications can be prescribed by any medical doctor. In most cases the medication will be prescribed by a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. While the treatment does help the majority of people with their symptoms, people are affected by side effects of the medication differently.

Bipolar disorder treatments are called mood stabilizing medications. Generally, they are what a doctor will initially prescribe. These are the commonly prescribed bipolar disorder treatments:

All of the medications are also anti-convulsion as well as mood stabilizers. Bipolar disorder is a serious medical problem that affects many people. However, with long term treatments of the disorder people can still live normal and healthy lives.

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