The side effects of getting breast implants

The side effects of getting breast implants

The most ideal candidates for breast augmentation procedures used to be women between the ages of 18 – 50 years but nowadays you will find girls hardly out of their teenage struggling with the procedure even though FDA does not approve of such. That shows you how desperate women can be with their image especially when they think that all is not well. That women want to look good is a product of what society demands of them all the time.

Side effects of breast implants

Breast implants before childbirth

Available statistics indicate that majority of the women who undergo cosmetic breast surgeries are those between the ages of 20 – 35 years of age. Women in their 20s should realize that they are actually still developing and one side effects of undergoing the procedure too early in life is that it sets stage for the development of stretch marks around your cleavage. Doctors also recommend that as much as possible a woman should tat least wait until after she is through with child birth because the presence of implants will affect their ability to breastfeed their children.

Breast changes during pregnancy

It is a well known fact that breast size changes drastically during pregnancy and if you breasts have an implant it will actually lead to premature sagging. Women who are between 35 – 50 years are most likely past their pregnancy and child bearing days and can undergo breast augmentation without worrying too much. It is also a fact that a woman of that age will be able to understand the side effects and risks of the procedure much better than her younger counterparts.

Your general health status

There are numerous other side effects of breast implants that will be solely dependent on your current health status. People who are not in general good health stand greater risks of side effects from the procedure. People who smoke cigarettes are usually advised to putting off the habit or quit completely. You should also be careful if you have some underlying conditions such as cancer or diabetes so that you tell your doctor and they advice you about the amount of risk you will be getting yourself into. People with some conditions usually take much longer to get healed from surgical operations of any kind.

The risk of infections

Breast implants are fixed after an invasive surgery and just like it is with other surgeries there is always the potential risk of infection as well as some form of bruising. Other smaller discomforts will also follow such as swelling and finally you could also have as scar. You need to visit with a doctor you trust and ask that you be informed of all potential side effects. So long as you understand the side effects that are potential and get prepared and are within the ideal age, you should have no problem presenting yourself as a candidate for this procedure.

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