Health And Fitness information - Part 5

Health And Fitness information - Part 5

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Girl carrying baby in front of the Zanga health centre

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Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Ribbon Business Card Holder

Product DescriptionThe Congenital Heart Disease Ribbon proudly displayed on a business card holder. There is no better way to achieve remembrance and awareness for the meaning of the Congenital Heart Disease Ribbon than to display it on your business card holder for everyone to see. This sleek and modern card case is perfect to store business cards and/or credit cards. The convenient pocket size business card holder cover features the Congenital Heart Disease Ribbon on a white background framed in executive stainless steel. The back of the cardholder is a professional and executive stainless steel. This business card holder makes a great gift anytime of the year for anyone who wants to increase awareness by showing the Congenital Heart…

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Living with Coronary Heart Disease: A Guide for Patients and Families (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book)

Product DescriptionCoronary heart disease kills more people in the United States than any other heart disorder, and it is the leading cause of death among American women. Jerome E. Granato, a distinguished cardiologist with more than twenty-five years of experience, has created an authoritative and accessible guide to this common condition, providing patients and their families with insight and advice. Dr. Granato begins by describing the basic science of the disease, known also as atherosclerosis, in which arteries become clogged and damaged. He then explains who is at risk and how the disease is detected and diagnosed. He covers all the treatment options, from medications to surgery, and answers such questions as: � How do I know if I…

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DescriptionStarring Lee Curreri and Tawny Kitaen. Isolated because of a rare illness, Christopher Newley (Lee Curreri) has never ventured outside of his crystal room. But out of this lonely and self-contained world comes music in search of a voice. Alley Daniels

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PetAlive Heart & Circulation Tonic and Immunity & Liver Support ComboPack

Product DescriptionThe PetAlive ComboPack of Heart and Circulation Tonic and Immunity and Liver Support consists of multiple remedies that work well together to provide increased support for your pets condition. This ComboPack helps to improve liver, cardiac and circulatory functioning and strengthen immune system for protection against illness. The Heart and Circulation Tonic helps to improve circulation and promote heart and artery health while the Immunity and Liver Support helps to strengthen and improve immune system and liver functioning.

A special pet combopack of PetAlive Heart & Circulation Tonic for heart and artery and circulation health in pets and PetAlive Immunity & Liver Support to support pet liver health with both products in one convenient package at savings…

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CNBC, Goldman Sachs, Health Care Tax, Senate Run

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Health Matters: Music and the Mind

What can teach us about the mind and music in return, what brain research reveals about music? Although interest in music and the mind dates as far back as Plato, it’s just that in the last decade in the field of neuroscience music has seriously begun. Not only music gives us an insight into how our brain works, but it also has therapeutic benefits for our health. To help us understand these relationships, our host David Granet, MD, is joined by experts Aniruddh Patel, PhD, with The Neurosciences Institute, and Barbara Reuer, PhD, with resounding Joy � for this fascinating look at music and the spirit. Series: “Health Matters” [2/2010] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 16 068]

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