What are the Benefits of Taking Omega 3?

What are the Benefits of Taking Omega 3?

A lot of you may ask, what are the benefits of taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements? The answer to that question is that these omega fatty acid supplements can do a great number of things in order to prevent you from falling victim to the wealth of inflammatory diseases that afflict so many of us, and they can also help to alleviate the symptoms of these maladies in those already suffering.

Omega-3 fatty acids have inflammatory properties that the immune system uses for making the necessary repairs to the body when illness or injury appears. These are the perfect nutrients for carrying out this task, because omega-3s have the ability to conserve the inflammation when it is necessary. This means that the inflammation will not remain once the illness or injury is taken care of.

This is not the case when it comes to the omega-6 fatty acids often chosen due to being available in greater abundance than the omega-3s. The fact that omega-6s never stop emitting inflammation is the very reason that most chronic inflammatory ailments overtake our bodies. What are the benefits of taking omega 3 for the various chronic inflammatory diseases from which we suffer?

One of the most profound effects that these omega fatty -3 fatty acids have has to do with your heart. It has been proven that by supplementing your diet with high doses of DHA and EPA omega fatty acids you can virtually wipe out your chances of developing cardiovascular disease. This effect was first discovered during a study of the Greenland Eskimos during the 1970’s.

What are the benefits of taking omega 3 for heart health? DHA and EPA omega fatty acids significantly lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and triglyceride levels. They also prevent blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots, and they reduce your risk of atherosclerosis by not allowing fatty deposits from forming on your artery walls.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial in the prevention and treatment of allergies, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, gout, inflammatory bowel disease, and have shown promise in the prevention of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Although not an inflammatory illness, Alzheimer’s can possibly be prevented by the ability of these fatty acids to inhibit the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain.

Now that you understand the answer to the question what are the benefits of taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements, I am sure that you can clearly see how they would be of benefit to you. When buying these products just make sure that the formula you are using has gone through both a proprietary purification process, and molecular distillation. This will ensure you’re not getting toxins in your system, and that the DHA and EPA fatty acids are highly concentrated.

In conclusion, also check to see that the concentration of DHA is roughly twice that of EPA in order to get the most benefit from the product. What are the benefits of taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements? The benefits are a longer and healthier life.

Laurel Cohen is a strong advocate of natural health in all its forms: skin care, supplementation, and farm fresh foods. She enjoys introducing people to the best natural products she can find and uses herself daily. Visit her site http://www.omega-3-for-health.com to learn about the omega 3 fish oils Laurel uses daily for optimal health.

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