Hoodia Gordonii Will Help You Trim Inches Away In Three Precise Ways

Hoodia Gordonii Will Help You Trim Inches Away In Three Precise Ways

You’re probably already familiar with the name Hoodia Gordonii. This product is becoming popular with practically everyone trying to find an appetite suppressant. It has been advertised as a miracle fat loss enhancer. Hoodia Gordonii is being placed in many products, including multivitamins, meal shakes along with capsules.

You may remember earlier “miracle” pills like Ephedra. This supplement helped increase your metabolism and burn fat. But, diet supplements containing Ephedra were associated with an elevated rate of significant side effects, including loss of life. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned Ephedra and currently most supplements make a claim that they are “Ehpedra Free”.

Consequently, does Hoodia Gordonii produce results and is it safe?

Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant that has been utilized for years to suppress appetites of the Bushmen of the Kalahari during lengthy treks in the desert. In general, after you eat food, some food is converted to glucose. When your glucose level rises it eventually signals your brain (the hypothalamus) that you’re full. Scientists say Hoodia signals your brain into thinking your stomach is full, thereby suppressing your appetite. While Hoodia is not a normal staple of the bushmen’s diets, the bushmen seem to show no ill effects, except for lack of hunger.

Thus far, no double blind clinical trials have been released affirming the efficacy of Hoodia Gordonii as an appetite suppressant.

In 2004, 60 Minutes did a segment about Hoodia. They visited Africa to research the potential effectiveness of Hoodia. Lesley Stahl ate part of a stalk and indicated that it tasted somewhat like a cucumber. While not feeling any side effects, Stahl said she wasn’t hungry or thirsty all day.

The first scientific research carried out in South Africa’s national laboratory performed in the 1960s demonstrated that animals fed Hoodia lost weight. Thirty years later the active ingredient, called P57, was isolated and patented as an appetite suppressant and licensed to Phytopharm.

Phytopharm spent at least $20 million on research. They found that obese subjects given Hoodia consumed about 1,000 less calories a day than those in a control group.

If we extend that outcome to the typical American male who consumes around 2,600 calories per day, this could significantly reduce their craving for food and slash their caloric intake.

While the active ingredient, P57, in Hoodia is protected by patents, the plant by itself isn’t patented. Lots of growers have large fields of Hoodia and are producing a variety of products containing Hoodia. Some products include food bars, meal shakes, as well as capsules or pills.

Here are 3 ways Hoodia makes it possible to shed extra pounds.

1) Hoodia Makes You Physically Less Hungry

2) Hoodia Turns Off The Desire To Overeat

3) By Turning Off Your Appetite Hoodia Allows You To Start Making Positive, Healthy Food Choices

Nonetheless, there are a number of “Hoodia” products which, in truth, include little or no Hoodia at all. Unfortunately, you will find con artists who are taking advantage of the pent up interest in Hoodia by marketing fake Hoodia using fillers and even sawdust – and marketing it as Hoodia.

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