Doesn’t Extra Weight Depend on Food but on Drinks?

Doesn’t Extra Weight Depend on Food but on Drinks?

When we start talking about extra weight, first of all we think about food. People become crazy about calories calculation of their breakfasts, lunches or dinners, restricting themselves in everything. Even one excessive little sweet gives some unpleasant aftertaste with the thought that you were not able to maintain the daily calorie norm. However we don’t think about drinks at all. We drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, and juices, without any idea about the quantity of calories they do carry.

We have written many times about the harm of so-called light drinks, where sugar is replaced by sweeteners. We would not talk now about the harm brought to our bodies by sweeteners and sugar substitutes. It is another story. Well, what about the sugar content in usual drinks? We sometimes do not take them into account. What would you say about some drink where 5 or 10 sugar spoons are melted? You might feel sick after such a concentration of sugar. Nevertheless we drink Cola, where the sugar concentration is not less than 5 sugar spoons by a glass. Moreover, we do not buy 200g of drinks, as a rule we buy a bottle as minimum 330ml or 500ml. Why aren’t we turned off by this high content of sugar? The answer is simple: look carefully at the label and you will find such an ingredient as orthophosphoric acid. We drink this very sweet product because of it and want more and more. Not only Cola drinks have this reason to blame for, almost all soft drinks are the same. So, where all these calories go? Of course, they go to our waist.

And it is not the end. Juices contain sugar, and we get calories more and more. Even fresh juices are very rich in calories. All diabetics know each juice stimulates insulin secretion. It makes us to feel hungry. In other words, when taking a glass of juice even not being hungry, you will feel the hunger very soon.

All these features have been known for a long time, but the food industry does not tell about them. Meanwhile, all fast food establishments, such as McDonald’s have used it in their menu for a long time. There you can buy, for example, a Big Mac and some chilled Cola as a rule. It is one more detail. Any cold drink decreases the time of food digesting by stomach. As result, after just having a snack in such café you will feel hunger in 30 minutes. It means you will become again a client of a café or a fast-food establishment. If you buy some juice, it will bring to the increased insulin secretion by your pancreas. You eat your portion and you want to eat something more. Thus, you overeat.

What about tea or coffee? Have you ever paid attention to the fact that tea is much more expensive than it costs in real? Here they count on your awareness. After the estimation the price for tea or coffee, you will buy… juice, because you are sure it is useful. If you save money and buy Coke it is sometimes cheaper in such kind of establishments than even in the shop in front of the café. It is cunning, isn’t it? It is similar to a buffet restaurant – you can eat as much as you wish, but drink only for money, and drinks cost a lot.

In general, it is just the fight for consumers and the focus is put on your desire to save money.

What to do? Do we need to refuse juices? No, we don’t. If it is obvious fact with cola, it is criticized severely by doctors as the most harmful product, the juices issue is not so definite. First of all, try to buy sugar-free juices. Of course they are more expensive as their validity time is less. Better make fresh juices. However, if you drink a glass of juice, count its calories, as juice is very rich. Meanwhile the food you are going to eat should be less rich in calories, but sufficient to satiation. Eat slower, as the satisfaction of the hunger feeling will come only 15-20 minutes after the meal.