Inspirational Thoughts on Big Miracle: Why Connect with Nature?

Inspirational Thoughts on Big Miracle: Why Connect with Nature?

While I was out walking last night, I saw how much brighter the stars are when I am not near the lamp post with its artificial light.

The lights of human culture blot out natural light from the stars. Yet I feel that I see much more clearly in the light of Creation than the light of humanity.

I am grateful for technology and at the same time, blessed and awed by the miracles of nature. It is truly amazing to hear the rooster crow, feel the warmth of the sun, or catch a snowflake on my tongue.

Super Moon 2011
Super Moon 2011

When Humans Connect with Nature

I saw the movie Big Miracle and found it to be a beautiful story.

Big Miracle is a true story about a family of grey whales who became trapped in an early Alaskan cold snap. Ice relentlessly froze the ocean, threatening to trap the whales with no way of getting air.

Peace through Shared Trials

Three nations came together to save those whales. The USA, Russia, and the Native American tribe. The effort to save the whales also brought passionate environmentalists and oil moguls together working on the “same side.”

Connecting with nature brought so many people together and caused the world to pay attention to something beyond their own noses. Connecting with nature – with those whales – is what caused this. Are there other issues in the world? Of course. No one can say this or that is most important, but rather each person can connect with nature in their own way and choose the causes that call out to them.

Why Connect with the Natural World?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the world of technology, media, and other human concerns. In reality, connecting the world of nature provides opportunities for centering, breathing more deeply and feeling more whole and connected.

How Can You Enhance Your Connection with Nature?

Here are 3 simple ways to feel more attuned to the natural world:

1. Rather than letting your mind wander while outside, see what you can notice. Hear that bird? See that butterfly? Feel that breeze?

2. Disconnect from technology and go outside for a walk.

3. take off your shoes and socks and let your bare feet touch the earth. The human body is a natural energy conductor,an d touching the actual earth in this way

For an even deeper sense of connection download the Four Brothers, which is a DVD training program that opens you up to the power of the natural world.

Feel more alive than ever as you forge a bond with the earth and the elements.

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